All-Staff-4We are committed to providing affluent investors with financial perspective on both their current financial reality, and future goals and objectives, utilizing a portfolio of insurance solutions such as term, critical illness, disability and personal insurance.

We create a strong foundation for multi-generational wealth, provided in the context of partnership between insurance advisor and the client and their other key professional advisors, by implementing prudent insurance strategies and wealth preservation strategies applied with other solutions.

We recognize that your goals are unique, driven by individual and family circumstance and backgrounds, as well as by your attitudes towards risk, in the context of your family, business, and personal commitments.  These goals are interconnected – while continuing to build wealth, you wish to preserve and manage well the assets you have already accumulated.

The financial goals, challenges and opportunities that families and individuals face require objective advice.  The ViewStone Partners Team provide this kind of advice having over 10 years insurance solutions experience.  Our advice is independent and unbiased, through access to multiple insurers and solutions.

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About National Financial Insurance Agency Inc. (NFIA)

Member of the Industrial Alliance Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Investia Financial Services Inc., National Financial Insurance Agency Inc. (NFIAI) was founded in 1984 as an insurance general agency. Today, NFIAI is a national Managing General Agency servicing more than 700 independent financial advisors.

Contracted with many of Canada’s premier life insurance companies, NFIAI offers Viewstone Partners Inc. access to a comprehensive suite of insurance and wealth management products. From marketing and prospecting through to policy issue and policy owner service, NFIA’s staff of professionals work as our advocate with all of the insurance providers to ensure that clients receive uncompromised levels of service from all of our partners.


Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

FSCO licenses and regulates insurers and insurance agents in the province of Ontario to ensure they comply with the law.

John Tabet is an Agent licensed in Ontario as Life Insurance & Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent. To review John’s status with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, please visit FSCO’s website.

Viewstone Partners Inc. is a Corporate Agency. To review Viewstone Partners Inc. status with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, please visit FSCO’s website. Type in Viewstone under the Agency Name.


Member of Independent Financial Brokers of Canada

IFB is a not-for-profit Association representing independent insurance professionals. IFB serves advisors who do not work exclusively for one company, and are able to sell the products and services of two or more companies. John Tabet is a member of IFB.