Disclosure Statement

ViewStone Partners Inc. (Viewstone) is a licensed Assisting General Agency (AGA), licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). John Tabet is an insurance broker, also licensed with the FSCO. Viewstone Partners is an independent insurance advisory firm which represents multiple insurers.


Upon completion of an insurance transaction, ViewStone Partners will receive compensation in the form of commissions. These commissions are payable from either the insurer directly and/or through NFIA. These commissions are generally calculated as a percentage of premiums. ViewStone Partners may also be eligible to receive renewal or servicing fees.

ViewStone Partners may also be eligible for additional compensation such as bonuses, or other non-monetary benefits such as travel incentives. These are not guaranteed and will depend on various factors such as the volume of business placed or the persistency of the business with a particular insurance company during a given time period.