Investment Partners

A long-term approach to investments taking advantage of short-term market realities while not losing sight of long-term investment goals.

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iA Private Wealth

John Tabet and The ViewStone Investment Team are proud of the partnership they have formed with iA Private Wealth.

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Not for Profit

Our commitment is to provide unique and diversified investment solutions to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives, while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

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Knowledge Centre

One of our goals is to provide our clients with timely, factual and accurate information and advice that will assist you in your goal for financial security and enhanced wealth.

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We have a view. Our goal is to provide clients with perspective. We match investments with a client’s values, creating portfolios that match an organization’s anticipated liabilities and outflows.


Our objective is to provide the foundation for out client’s confidence in their long term cash flows. We invest simply and work to avoid blunders, seeking to lower volatility.


Sound advice is best provided in the context of teamwork, partnering with our clients, their investment committee and other outside professionals and managers. We follow out own investment advice. Your investments are our investments.


Our Investment Services

We are committed to providing affluent investors with financial and investment perspective on both their current financial reality, and future goals and objectives.