Values in View

Our commitment is to provide unique and diversified investment solutions to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives, while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.  The primary objective is to always keep our clients values in view.  Our disciplined, proactive approach results in superior risk-adjusted performance and confidence that your fiduciary obligations are being met.  In summary, our proven approach is to diversify, avoid blunders by avoiding unnecessary risk and to keep it simple.

Sealed in Stone

ViewStone Investments has successfully served all types and sizes of investment funds, specifically in charitable endeavours i.e.: building societies, endowments, foundations, trust accounts, bursaries, and religious societies.  Drawing  on board experiences of John Tabet and Rod Stein and using many research resources, we begin with an analysis of existing conditions, including the spending formula, allocation of assets, the investment policy statement (in many cases we assist the client with the origination of investment policy), the custodian and the expenses of the fund.  Our research also communicates with not-for-profit management the rate of risk and return characteristics of different assist investment classes alone with benefits of diversification.

The investment portfolio is proactively monitored and ongoing monitoring of the funds’ performance is provided at regular quarterly reviews.  Expenses and fees are benchmarked against peers to ensure that costs are reasonable.  We receive our compensation for the investment consulting services solely from our client so as to avoid any conflicts of interest.  As such, our sole allegiance is to our clients and that is Sealed in Stone!

John Tabet

2015 — Present — Board Member, The George & Georgette Tabet Family Foundation Fund
A family foundation established to support Christian mission organizations in Canada and around the world.

2010 — Present — Board Member, The Charis Foundation
A foundation called to identify, resource and build relationships with Canadian charities that bring hope and healing to the world in the name of Jesus.

2004—2017—Board Member, Past Chair Finance and Audit Committee - Yonge Street Mission (YSM)
A charitable organization in the City of Toronto called to demonstrate God’s love, peace and justice to people living in economic, social and spiritual poverty.

2004—2007—Board of Directors, Past Chair—Finance Committee - Camp Mini-Yo-We
A Christian summer camp since 1945 located in Muskoka, Ontario

2002-2005—Board of Directors Transformation Prayer Ministries
Equipping pastors and leaders to work together for community transformation.

Rod Stein

1989-Present—Chairman of the Board - CEIF Inc and CEIF Ltd.
A financial ministry for the North American Conference of Baptist Churches

2005-2009—Trustee and Board Member
Taylor University College and Seminary

1995-2005—Board Member
The Executive Board of The North American Baptist Conference

Treasury Managers Association (TMAC)

Toronto Bond Traders Association

1976-1979—Founding Member
Montreal Bond Traders Association